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Hello, my name is Alberta Colombo. I am a graphic and web designer, and I want to share some ideas.

I was born as a computer expert, but for those strange cases in life I approached graphics, the web and corporate communication and I am passionate about it.

Right now, corporate communication covers several very important sectors such as traditional graphics, the web and social networks.

Sectors that have led to the creation of distinct professionals to better respond to different business needs.

Personally, both for my studies and for the professional experience acquired, I specialized in two specific fields

  • graphics
  • web design

My personal and professional orientation has always been to follow the technological developments of the market with great attention in order to always present new ideas.

My Experience


As a graphic designer, I am specialized in the creation of everything that is essential for the construction of the coordinated image of a company:

  • logo,
  • writing paper,
  • business cards,
  • brochures,
  • company presentations,
  • product catalogs,
  • company financial statements
  • posters,
  • fairs / events, etc.

Web Design

I have a good experience as a web designer in:

  • responsive websites creation,
  • e-commerce,
  • on-line catalog,
  • JS e Jquery programming,
  • animations creation,
  •  UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience)

My style

Satisfying the customer’s expectations means achieving success in one’s work

So far nothing new under the sun. We all want to satisfy our customers. My “style”, if we want to define it, is developed in the following steps:

The first fundamental step is listening to the customer and his story. For any entrepreneur, large or small, the story of his business is the story of himself and of his commitment.

In the first meeting it is necessary to understand the client's professional environment, the product lines, the services offered, the idea of promoting one's work. My commitment is not just to sell my work, but to propose truly ``useful`` solutions.

Listened to and understood the needs of the customer, I proceed to propose the best innovative solution in step with the times and with the technologies proposed by the market. I submit my idea to the customer and await his opinion. Having obtained the Customer's adhesion, I proceed with the realization of the proposal in the best possible way.

My Skills

Web Design 0
Html5 0
CSS3 0
jQuery 0
Graphic Design 0
Motion Graphics 0