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3D (three dimensions) is an acronym that indicates the belonging of an object to the field of the 3 spatial dimensions generally indicated with the Cartesian coordinates x, y, z.
The use of this term is common in many sectors and is often associated with other terms to indicate, for example, the perspective reproduction of images, sounds, sensitive experiences.
In this case we will talk about:
  • three-dimensional graphics,
  • 3D video,
  • 3D cinema,
  • three-dimensional sound and
  • glasses for three-dimensional vision.
3D graphics is a branch of graphics that is based on the creation of three-dimensional models in order to produce a realistic photographic and optical similarity of a final image.
It is therefore used, often with superb results, for the creation of mockups, packaging and more. The first step is to imagine a scenario and, therefore, insert the models we intend to use.
Then we choose the materials we intend to use and the colors that best suit our purpose.
So let’s adjust the lights and move on to rendering.
Below is an example of packaging creation.



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